Russian Terrorism: Novinvest LLC, Jobs & Salary for Foreign Workers | ~ The NIMDA and Anthrax Fraud

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The untold story Cyberterrorism event as told by former AT&T (SBC Global) Programmer. Unpaid, beaten, set on fire, family murdered, linked to Anthrax, San Bruno Explosion, and the deadly #campfire. AT&T has buried a domestic terrorism story - the question is why. Through this portal we'll ask them why

Russian Terrorism: Novinvest LLC, Jobs & Salary for Foreign Workers |

The Transnational Gangs using the H-1b visa to steal identities

About Novinvest

In 1998 or later Authentic Technologies hired a programmer through this company. Several years later we're in a sniping collections court case over misreprented qualifications and background. I used my Pre-Paid Legal plan to find an attorney. The reason was prior legal issues were not met by the Contra Costa Bar Association. Pre-paid legal assigned attorney Don Moats located at 1776 Ygnacio Valley Road. Then one day my counsel failed to appear while it become clear I was being squeezed Attorney Donald Gene Moats.

Within this litigation window the building housing Moats and Attorney James Morgan was torched via arson destroying many but not all documents connected to SBC Global, Seeno Construction and Novinvest. Then years after that my attempts with Contra Costa Fire Protection District to gain access to fire reports and other fire incidents led to another battle with yet another agency.


The Outsourcing Model and Terrorism 

Contra Costa Business Incubator 


We contracted Novinvest LLC in 1999 - Ashot Admitted he cracked CD Keys for the Russian Mob
Note: Before Novinvest LLC can hire foreign workers permanently or temporarily, it must file labor certifications with the Department of Labor(DOL), ...
You visited this page on 10/25/20.
The case is "Administrator, Wage and Hour Division, U.S. Department of Labor versus Novinvest, LLC." In this case, the employer argued that the loans to H1B ...
Administrative Review Board Decisions - By Name of First Non-DOL Party ... ARB No. 98-156 Amfac Resorts, L.L.C. [Wage Appeal] ... Novinvest, LLC.
PICOBYTE CONSULTING, INC. Decision & Order Approving Consent Findings (ALJ Jan. 6, 2003) (Phalen) HTML. 2002-LCA-24 USDOL v. NOVINVEST, LLC.


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